December 29, 2008

Busy Season

It has been a very busy Christmas season thus not being able to update this site.

I am really planning to make this blog as a habit and part of my life since I would like to record each special moment and blessings I get everyday. This will be one of my new year's resolution.

Anyway, I am currently working on our christmas 2008 mini album titled "Christmas 2008: 25 memories." I will post some pics as soon as I finish it. As of now, I am still on the layout part of the inner pages and haven't printed any photos yet. The color theme is red, green and brown. It will list all things that we love, special events, gifts, and special people in our lives that is part of our celebration for this season.

Thanks for dropping by

December 17, 2008


I would like to start this blog with a little introduction about myself.

I'm Lady Grace from Metro Manila, Philippines married to my very loving and supportive husband, Regie, for a year now. Currently, we are blessed with our very adorable and beautiful daughter, Hannah Dominique, who is 8 months old. Hannah was the main reason why I decided to go into scrapbooking.

I started recntly:P) because I was very much inspired with other mom's who does it for their family. Since I just gave birth to my daughter 8 months ago, I decided it's appropriate to start the hobby while she's still young so that I have those albums ready for her when she grows up.

Unlike those moms, I work full-time but at home. Its a work-from-home job that I have been with for 3 years now. I work for 12 hours on weekdays from 11pm Manila Time to 11am Manila Time. I know you might be wondering where do I get the time to scrap. Well, I do not know the answer to that as well because I'm not sure how I was able to squeeze it. I take care of my daughter, work 12hrs a day, full-time wife, and a scrapper. Hmmmm....Might be living in a world with 32hrs in a day :P

Kidding aside, I don't sleep much (I wanted too tho :P) because I work at night while my baby is sleeping and she keeps me awake in the morning. I scrap when I have some me time. As of today, I think I had made around 8 12x12 layouts, 1 8x8 layout, 1 altered box and 2 8x8 accordion albums. Very beginner tho