January 31, 2009

Photo Journal (Jan 20 to 25)

Good Morning!

I was quite busy and tired for the entire week thus, I wasn't able to scrap that much. I tried creating a new 12 x 12 LO last Monday and I thought I can finish it that day also. Unfortunately, because I took Fine Arts as my degree in College, my artworks are already affected.

Yes, I learned a lot of things, techniques, and other mediums during those days but once you studied ART, you became cautious about your artwork. You tend to incorporate stuff you've learned like composition, perspective, color coordination and such. This will hinder you from being free in doing your works because there are rules to follow, there are right and wrong, and very high standards to attain. That is why most gifted kids were hindered from such teachings so that their style will not be affected.

With these background I tend to judge my work's LO. Due to this, 1 LO will take me days to finish just because I cannot decide how to place it in order to reach my standards now (as an "educated artist"). I have all the diecuts that I need, I have the photograph that I'll be using, embellishments, flowers, and all the pattern papers cut already but still I kept on rearranging it, still not satisfied to whatever LO template that I think of.

Right now, it is not yet finished. Hmph! I just wish I can get out of my "box" and comfort zone because until then I cannot fully appreciate nor be truly satisfied with what I do.

Anyway, here are the Daily Photo Journal that I did for January 20 to 25:

Hopefully I can upload my 12 x 12 LO within the day.

January 25, 2009

12 x 12 Layouts

I was very tired yesterday. We picked my relatives at NAIA Terminal 2 around 5:30pm. The plane arrived early at 5pm but unfortunately, the compartment of the plane was stuck thus delaying the release of their baggage.

We waited for more than 2hrs before my relatives was able to get their luggage. So from 5:30pm we were able to leave the airport around 8pm.

God I was awake for more than 24hrs already that time. Woke up 7pm Friday night before work, worked from 10pm-11am Saturday morning, arranged stuff before their arrival around 11am-2pm, left house to go to the airport around 3pm, was in traffic from 3pm-5:30pm, waited for my relatives at the airport from 5:30pm-8pm, traffic again from 8pm-10pm, got home and ate dinner from 10pm-11pm and finally was able to sleep around 12midnight.

Wow that was really horrible! Even though I was excited to use my Craft Robo, I did not have the strength to even open the box. I did not even realized that I fell asleep immediately. Good thing my daughter was tired too (she was with us when we went to the airport) and the 3 of us fell asleep like babies.

Hannah was the first one who woke up. She woke me up by shouting several times directly to my ear. I did not realized that I even placed her beside us (thought she was in her crib) until that morning.

It was heaven.

I have mentioned before that I work at night thus I do not sleep at the same time my baby is sleeping. But when she woke me up early this morning, seeing her smile and very close to me, I felt really happy as a mother. I'm very proud of myself, indeed I'm doing a great job. I'M A GREAT MOTHER!

Anyway, with the good mood and recharged energy, I was able to finish this LOs. Enjoy!




Photo Journal (14, 17 to 19)

Here are the layouts for my 2009 Photo Journal Mini Album:


January 23, 2009

Come to Mommy, Craft Robo 2!!!

Great news, for me only (I think :P), my Craft Robo 2 will be arriving in a few hours. Yipee!!!

After endless research, I finally was able to purchase my Craft Robo from Australia. I love this tool so much because I know it will help me create much improved LOs. I do not know how to use it yet but I'm currently reading some stuff to learn more about its usage. I was able to learn that I can use my skills as a computer graphic artists to create my own GSD files and maybe sell them online too.

We'll see about that :P

Here's a picture of my new baby:

Blue Bazaar's Art Journal (JANUARY)

I have been very busy for the past few days and still will be for the next few. My Aunt and cousin will be arriving later from Australia and we will be the one to arrange everything for them. Due to this, I wasn't able to scrap at all but thank God I was able to at least finish my 1st take for Blue Bazaar's 2009 Art Journal project.

For the month of January, we were instructed to create a journal page with an abstract background and draw a focal point. I will be using my daughters alphabet flashcard for this journal project and some art stuff like acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencils, etc.

Here is my take:


January 19, 2009

Congratulations Artz De Scrap!

Figuring out how to start this hobby is very confusing for newbies like me. What pictures to use? What materials I need? How to layout it? And if anybody will find our layouts appealing. Having the internet gave way to information and knowledge and with http://artzdescrap.blogspot.com I was able to figure out what to do and how to start. You inspired me to look at things in a different way, creating LOs, papercrafts, and other projects that I never thought Im capable of.

In celebrating your anniversary, I would like to congratulate Artz de Scrap for a very fruitful 1st Year !!! You truly inspire newbies like me. With all your ideas, suggestions and creative designs, you showed us how a true scrapper should be. INNOVATIVE! FUN! PASSIONATE!

I wish you all the success, more years and more LOs. Looking forward for a more fruitful 2009 from you!!!

Paper Bag Mini Album

Last Friday I was privileged enough to join an online tutorial with Scrappin Kids. The tutorial was conducted by Wati around 10pm. We were joined with other talented scrappers around the world.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do my album at the same time the tutorial was held because I do not have any paper bags and I was taking care of my daughter. The tutorial was easy to understand and all the scrappers were willing to share their opinions, ideas and suggestions.

Finally, I was able to purchase some paper bags earlier and was able to start my Mini Album. Here is my take:

Currently, I have not completed the insides of the album because the album is about my daughter's firsts. Since she's only 9 months old, there will be a lot of firsts to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scrappin Kids, the other scrappers and especially Wati for this tutorial. This is my first paper bag album and I'm looking forward to creating more of these (since I have like 100pcs of paper bags :P)

Photo Journal (Jan 12 to 16)

Finally I was able to catch up for a few days in my 2009 Photo Journal. Hannah was sick last week and I wasn't able to scrap because I took care of her most of the time making sure that her medication are on time, her fever is okay and she eats on time.

Here are the LOs:


January 14, 2009

Photo Journal (Jan 7 to 11)

Here are my LOs for Jan 7 to 11 for my Mini Album:


Hannah's Sick

For the past few days, I wasn't able to scrap that is because my baby, Hannah, has high fever. We need to bring her to the hospital to ask for medication. She's quite okay now but under observation because her fever is on and off.

Right now, my priority is to take good care of her and make sure that she eats regularly.

I will probably make up with my scrappin by this weekend. Oh my, lot of scrappin to do by then considering I missed several days of my Photo Journal Mini Album.

Hope she's okay by then! If her fever did not mellow down by Friday, her doctor said that we need to admit her to the hospital immediately.

January 12, 2009

LO for SK Sketch #1

Good day to all!!!

First of all I would like to thank my dearest friend, Tessah, for featuring me on her site. I am new with this craft and she was the first friend that I had from this hobby. Love her so much! Thanks sis!

Also, because of her, I was able to discover other sites that showcases tremendous talents. I truly admire her for her talent, persistence, and passion for scrapbooking. She just started scrapbooking this January but I believe she's more passionate than I am, actively participating on challenges, forums, groups and a lot more. Because of her I was inspired to try some scrapping challenge. This challenge is from Scrappin Kids (http://scrappinkids.blogspot.com/).

The challenge is to create a LO based on their sketch #1, of course, highlighting "kids." I specifically chose this challenge from Scrappin Kids to be my first try because I love their main subject, KIDS!

Here is my take for SK Sketch #1:


Actually this LO is not yet done. No journaling yet because I was doing this while my baby was sleeping then when I picked her up, she was burning with fever already. I wasn't able to cut the lower part of the paper nga eh (I noticed it only when I uploaded the pic to my blog).

That's it for now! Need to take care of my baby for now.

January 9, 2009

Used to be an Artist

I would like to describe myself further to everybody.

I used to be an artist. Yes, used to.

I graduated from College of the Holy Spirit in Mendiola with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts Major in Advertising Design. This course was chosen by my Dad for me because I really don't know myself that much before and I know for myself that I will excel wherever and whatever course I take.

I graduated last 2001 with recognition awards. Honestly, I got those recognition because I am great with academic stuff (almost 90% of my academic subjects were flat 1.0). The average from my academic classes helped my average to enter the Dean's Lists consistently because my Studio classes average are not as good as my Academic ones ( usually from 1.25 to 2).

I really don't have the gift of talent but I do have the gift of persistence. This gift helped me throughout my life and I was able to reach the top most often because of this. I struggled my entire college life trying to improve my craft. Let's face it, I do not have the skill unlike my other artist classmates who have the gift ever since they were born. I really have to practice everyday just to get a little bit close of what they already have.

Maybe if I took a different course that will not require any talent, I might have graduated Magna Cum Laude. Well I'm not regretting anything because I know I became an artist even for a short time.

Here were some of my works during college (almost 10yrs ago):

Charcoal Drawing
Charcoal Drawing

Pastel (Chalk and Oil)
Pastel (Chalk and Oil)

Traditional Photography (SLR)
Traditional Photography (SLR)

Photo Journal (Jan 3, 4, 5, and 6)

I would like to apologize for the delay of my latest LOs. If you have read my previous posts, I have mentioned that my camera had some technical issues (yuh, the drooling thingie :P).

Anyway, since that accident, I was blessed by a new cellphone (Sony Ericson K850i) and a new DSLR Camera (Canon EOS 450d). Sarap!!! Hihihi. Maybe this are proof that I'm doing well as a wife and a mother. Hehehe.

Here are the layouts. Enjoy!

January 3 and 4:

In this photograph, I was able to capture my daughter's love and attachment to her parents (us!).

Jan 3: Hannah and Daddy playing and poking around.

Jan 4: Hannah fell asleep on mommy's lap.

These are very simple layouts that I did because I wanted to get more sleep.

January 5 and 6:

Jan 5: Hannah with her Tita Effie. My daughter loves eating. I can never be like Jodie Sta. Maria (best actress from the Milk commercial).

Jan 6: This was the time when my camera was destroyed that is why I wasn't able to take any pictures. What I did instead was to make the page more personal. I made the drawings, doodlings myself and used my waterbased colored pencils and added a journal about the reason why there was no photograph.

Till next time. Happy scrappin'

I used my k850i in taking these pictures. Need to familiarize myself with the DSLR pa eh.

January 8, 2009

New Gadget!

Good morning world!!!

Obviously I sound very happy. Yesterday, January 8, 2009, me and my hubby celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. Nothing fancy at all but very much special. We had dinner and just walked around the mall. We were suppose to get my Canon EOS 450d yesterday. Unfortunately, we had some problems with the credit card and wasn't able to get the DSLR. I was a little bit disappointed admittedly because I looked forward to it the whole day.

When we were about to leave the mall, at the van, he gave me this box. Do you know what it is?

Nope, its not the DSLR (You wish! hehehe). It was a brand new Sony Ericson k850i. Yup, a new phone.

Honestly, I was not expecting it that's why I was so surprised. We have discussed before that its okay for me not to have a new phone. Maybe he got it for me because he knew that I was a gadget freak before. Yes, I always have the latest gadgets from mobile phones to palm handhelds, to pocket pcs, computers and laptops. I gave up that collection when we got married because I don't see the practicality of it anymore. Now, I'm a shopaholic of baby stuff, clothes, and most of all, scrapbook supplies. And I purchase the items online since I'm too lazy to shop.

Anyway back to the phone (sorry, I'm just too happy kaya me madaldal) , I really love the gift. That was the phone I was looking forward to get last last year since I upgrade my phone at least yearly. The k850i has a 5 megapixel camera and all the features my k800i used to have thats why its easier for me to migrate to the new one.

Again, thanks to my daughter and especially to my husband for being so thoughtful, loving and supportive. He is truly the love of my life and the perfect partner to me.

(Kala nyo tapos na noh! hehehe) Well, good news to me, I will be having the DSLR still. We'll be getting it later (sana wala ng problem sa card). YAHOO!!!! Ang saya, saya ng 2009!

January 6, 2009

SAD :(

Oh well, as much as I want to post my journal pages, I can't.

Here's the story:

Last Monday afternoon I was trying to catch up some sleep because I think I slept for an average of around 4 hours a day only for the past week. I was so exhausted with work, scrapping my christmas album and of course, taking care of an 8 month old baby :P (I think you know how hard that can be)

As I have mentioned with my previous blog post, I currently use my mobile phone (SONY k800i) for taking pictures. Unfortunately, my baby is great with finding things so unknowingly, while I was sleeping, she grabbed my cellphone under my pillow and ate it.

EXACTLY! Drool everywhere! Even inside the battery!

Now, it's dead! Actually it's haunting me :P Untimely death! It kept calling contacts on my address book and typing messages on its own, so I need to turn it off. My hubby tried to fix it but was unsuccessful.

So there it goes, no pics for a while. Sayang! I was able to finish my photo journal for Jan 3-6.

Good thing everything was saved on its memory card and I was able to retrieve it. But for the January 6 layout, I didn't have any photos to use so what I did was a doodling page. I made my own drawings to make it interesting and more personal and just added a journal on it. I'll show it very soon (hopefully)

For now, just wish me luck because I asked my hubby what I will do now that I do not have anything to use for taking pictures. Its pretty pointless to create a photo journal without photos on it, right? But he said he can get me my Canon EOS 450d DSLR later.

YUP! That's right! That's exactly what he said. (Im crossing my fingers now :P)

God, I love my baby so much! Thanks Bobots! (I call my daughter Bobots because I used to call her "bubwit" when she was still in my tummy)

January 4, 2009

Photo Journal (Jan 1 and 2)

My new project for the year is a Photo Journal of our family. This will highlight memorable event of the day. I decided to start this project because I would like to capture intimate moments we share as a family. I used an old Starbucks organizer for this album. I do not have a cover page yet because I do not know how many months will fit the organizer.

Here are the first 2 pages, January 1 and 2:

January 2, 2009

My Scrapbook Items

Currently, I have around Php50,000 worth of scrapbook materials. I originally purchased my initial items from Scrapbook Outlet from the US through eBay worth 20k and then now, I purchase through Memory Lane, Rekindled Moments and National Book Stores locally.

I have a lot of patterned papers, cardstocks, flower embelishments, stickers, ribbons, bind-it-all, and a mini sewing machine. I do not have a scraproom yet but I am planning to have one since I do my scrappin in my bedroom.

My wishlists for now includes:
1. Canon EOS 450D
2. Zutter Cutter
3. Wishblade or a Craft Demo Lite

I will be ordering my Cutter Plotter hopefull this month. I am very excited

Happy scrappin

HAPPY 2009!!!

Greetings to everyone!

Wow! This will be my first post for 2009 and I'm very excited. This will be the first of many posts to come for this year.

Anyway, we had a simple and memorable new year's eve. Luckily, my boss granted us to work at a later schedule of 3am instead of 12midnight. I spent the celebration with my baby, my hubby and my in-laws. We had pasta with meatsauce, fruit salad, ham, hotdogs, and the infamous 13 assorted fruits for good luck.

It was my daughter's first new years eve. She did not panicked but her eyes were wide open the entire time. Maybe that's because I woke her up around 15mins before 12 and was greeted with loud firecrackers and thick smoke verywhere. hehehe. Sorry baby.

I did some scrapbooking too and continued my Christmas 2008 album. So far I made 5 pages already. I'll post some photos once I've finished them. Sorry about the images though because I do not have DSLR yet, I am still using my Sony Ericsson K800i.