December 17, 2008


I would like to start this blog with a little introduction about myself.

I'm Lady Grace from Metro Manila, Philippines married to my very loving and supportive husband, Regie, for a year now. Currently, we are blessed with our very adorable and beautiful daughter, Hannah Dominique, who is 8 months old. Hannah was the main reason why I decided to go into scrapbooking.

I started recntly:P) because I was very much inspired with other mom's who does it for their family. Since I just gave birth to my daughter 8 months ago, I decided it's appropriate to start the hobby while she's still young so that I have those albums ready for her when she grows up.

Unlike those moms, I work full-time but at home. Its a work-from-home job that I have been with for 3 years now. I work for 12 hours on weekdays from 11pm Manila Time to 11am Manila Time. I know you might be wondering where do I get the time to scrap. Well, I do not know the answer to that as well because I'm not sure how I was able to squeeze it. I take care of my daughter, work 12hrs a day, full-time wife, and a scrapper. Hmmmm....Might be living in a world with 32hrs in a day :P

Kidding aside, I don't sleep much (I wanted too tho :P) because I work at night while my baby is sleeping and she keeps me awake in the morning. I scrap when I have some me time. As of today, I think I had made around 8 12x12 layouts, 1 8x8 layout, 1 altered box and 2 8x8 accordion albums. Very beginner tho

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