January 6, 2009

SAD :(

Oh well, as much as I want to post my journal pages, I can't.

Here's the story:

Last Monday afternoon I was trying to catch up some sleep because I think I slept for an average of around 4 hours a day only for the past week. I was so exhausted with work, scrapping my christmas album and of course, taking care of an 8 month old baby :P (I think you know how hard that can be)

As I have mentioned with my previous blog post, I currently use my mobile phone (SONY k800i) for taking pictures. Unfortunately, my baby is great with finding things so unknowingly, while I was sleeping, she grabbed my cellphone under my pillow and ate it.

EXACTLY! Drool everywhere! Even inside the battery!

Now, it's dead! Actually it's haunting me :P Untimely death! It kept calling contacts on my address book and typing messages on its own, so I need to turn it off. My hubby tried to fix it but was unsuccessful.

So there it goes, no pics for a while. Sayang! I was able to finish my photo journal for Jan 3-6.

Good thing everything was saved on its memory card and I was able to retrieve it. But for the January 6 layout, I didn't have any photos to use so what I did was a doodling page. I made my own drawings to make it interesting and more personal and just added a journal on it. I'll show it very soon (hopefully)

For now, just wish me luck because I asked my hubby what I will do now that I do not have anything to use for taking pictures. Its pretty pointless to create a photo journal without photos on it, right? But he said he can get me my Canon EOS 450d DSLR later.

YUP! That's right! That's exactly what he said. (Im crossing my fingers now :P)

God, I love my baby so much! Thanks Bobots! (I call my daughter Bobots because I used to call her "bubwit" when she was still in my tummy)


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

sis you are so funny!see anything happens for a reason..maybe youll get ur DSLR sooon!!!are u working?

MyLittleTeapot said...

Hahaha! I work from 11pm-11am Manila time Mon-Fri.

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

whats ur work?grabe artist ka pala talaga!ako wala me alam sa photoshop eh..dati ko pa gusto matuto..paturo naman!lol.di ko nakita ung comment mo sa circle lo..now lang..anyway, sure pwede mo gawin lahat ng mga lo na makita mo sa blog ko..kaya nga pinost ko un para makatulong..masaya nga ako kc you are inspired in a way,kc i feel that my los are too ordinary..anyways, keep in touch sis!
ang cute ng pic ni baby!whats ur email add?

MyLittleTeapot said...

Thanks sis! My email address is teapot2angel@yahoo.com.

I work as a Training Manager to a homebased callcenter located sa US. Ive been with them for 3 years na. Ok sya kasi sa bahay lang ako at the same time Im earning money pa.