February 18, 2009

Blog Award

Good Morning!

What a wonderful morning! Today i received a blog award from one of my dearest mentor Tracey Hunter of RSS. Love and I appreciate her so much. Not only is she a talented scrapper who inspires most of us, she's a good friend too.

Here's the award I got

Thanks Tracey!!! I know I have thank you several times already but for me its not enough. You have been a darling. You were very accommodating when I first met you, inspiring and a good motivator too.

I would like to share this award to some of my friends who inspired me too.

Janis - very creative, inspiring and gorgeous scrapper
Feli - an amazing scrapper who is very innovative
Tessah - a newbie in scrapping and a new bff to me
Shaz - a very inspiring scrapper and a great mother
Cookie - one of the best Filipino scrapper I know


CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I can't thank you enough...such beautiful words for me. I will show it off with pride on my blog...Thank you!! Thank you!
So I really do measure up hey?? I really don't have a lot of confidence in my ability as a scrapper, always questioning whether I do good enough LO's. I am too chicken shit to send any of my LO's into the magazine editors to see if they are good enough for publication. I'm off to display it now Luv Shaz xoxo

feli said...

thanks for the award!! :) and thank you for visiting my blog.. see u around!

janis said...

super thanks LG. truly humbled here. just remember i'll be always here to support and cheer for you. ;o) go girl!!! you rock!!!

melw said...

Congrats on the award, very well deserved!!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Sister do I have to tell you this..I Love you and you are super duper mega over talented!!!!