February 5, 2009

Love Challenge #16 Entry

Recently I added a Challenge Schedule box here at my blog so that I have a constant reminder of the different challenges from sites/blogs that I am currently visiting and actively participating with. I made this so I don't have to check the site/blogs all the time and locate those particular posts. I just took note of the different challenges, its theme and deadline and indicated it within the Challenge Schedule box.

This addition to my blog helped me to be more organized and more productive with my scrapping. Now, I just have to look at that box to know my next goal for my next LO.

At first, I decided to finish the LO for the challenges that has an earlier deadline schedule. But right now, when looking at those challenges, I start with the challenge that gave me the most inspiration or interest, or the best idea I am very much excited to do.

That first theme was Scrappin' Kids Love Challenge #16! - The challenge was about scrapping your lil' one and use an adjective that best describes her.

I was immediately inspired by the theme and ideas started poppin' in my head. I knew which pattern papers to use, which photos, and the layout that I will be doing. That was the first instance that I felt so excited about scrapping. I was working when I read about the challenge and was so excited that I wished my shift was done so that I can start scrapping.

Here is my take to their challenge:

TITLE: Innocent (for me, the best adjective to describe my Hannah or any other babies is INNOCENCE.)

MATERIALS USED: Basic Grey's Eva Collection Pack

PHOTOGRAPH: 2 combined photos edited through Photoshop. The pictures were from before and after Hannah's delivery from Csec last April 19, 2008.

TECHNIQUES APPLIED: matting, layering, and stitching

JOURNAL: A baby has no use for fancy clothes or expensive toys. They do not care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Just give them your heart and they will give you theirs.

They do not judge nor criticize the things you buy to them nor the parties you set. All that matters to them is they have milk to drink and hearing your voice when they are about to sleep.

They will love you no matter what you do or say because they are innocent. They do not know what is wrong or right, ugly or pretty, expensive or cheap.


Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Hello LG, Wow this layout is awesome! I particularly like the layered effect of the flowers. Also, your idea of writing the different challenges on you blog is excellent. I have difficulties in remembering all these things on top of work-related deadlines. I can just just drop by your blog to check :) the dates! Have a great and productive weekend!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Your baby is just beautiful!!