January 31, 2009

Photo Journal (Jan 20 to 25)

Good Morning!

I was quite busy and tired for the entire week thus, I wasn't able to scrap that much. I tried creating a new 12 x 12 LO last Monday and I thought I can finish it that day also. Unfortunately, because I took Fine Arts as my degree in College, my artworks are already affected.

Yes, I learned a lot of things, techniques, and other mediums during those days but once you studied ART, you became cautious about your artwork. You tend to incorporate stuff you've learned like composition, perspective, color coordination and such. This will hinder you from being free in doing your works because there are rules to follow, there are right and wrong, and very high standards to attain. That is why most gifted kids were hindered from such teachings so that their style will not be affected.

With these background I tend to judge my work's LO. Due to this, 1 LO will take me days to finish just because I cannot decide how to place it in order to reach my standards now (as an "educated artist"). I have all the diecuts that I need, I have the photograph that I'll be using, embellishments, flowers, and all the pattern papers cut already but still I kept on rearranging it, still not satisfied to whatever LO template that I think of.

Right now, it is not yet finished. Hmph! I just wish I can get out of my "box" and comfort zone because until then I cannot fully appreciate nor be truly satisfied with what I do.

Anyway, here are the Daily Photo Journal that I did for January 20 to 25:

Hopefully I can upload my 12 x 12 LO within the day.


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

hmmp!Perfectionist!lol! Anyway you always surprise us with lovely los..no worries,il wait. Sis I love your pps and flowers used here.Did you make them?

MyLittleTeapot said...

Hehehe. Thanks sis. Actually they are flowers from pattern papers that I cut manually. Then I used foam tapes to show a 2d like dimension.

If I do not have the flowers or embellishments that I want that will go well with the design, I usually search the internet (cliparts, pictures, free downloadable digital scrapbook kits, etc) then print them out into a Matte Paper.