April 2, 2009

Meet LG

*How long have you been Scrapbooking?
I might have been scrapping for a long time since scrapbooking connotes a lot of style before. Adding a few stickers or journaling to old albums was my thing when I was a kid. But formally, I did start scrapbooking October 2008 a few months after my DD was born.

* How did you begin your addiction to Scrapbooking?
During my pregnancy, I started to look for a hobby by browsing the different possibilities on the internet. I was able to stumble on some SB blogs. My addiction started there. With no materials and being overweight (due to pregnancy, I started reading blog posts, watch video tutorials, and browse galleries, to get as much information and knowledge that I can.

Then after a few months, I ordered my first SB supplies thru eBay then the rest is history

* How would you describe your “style”?
I do not have a particular style. Being an artist, I prefer to be free and try new things. Painting, doodling, embossing, etc. but upon looking at my previous LOs, I believe that my signature mark is "cutouts"

* What do you mostly scrap?
Since I'm a new mother, I usually scrap my DD, Hannah Dominique who'll turn 1 on April.

* What/who inspires you?

It will take forever if I enumerate everything and everybody who inspires me. But mainly, I get my inspiration from my family, my experiences, and my life.

* How do you stay motivated to scrap?
I have this habit of looking into all my LOs at least once a week to be motivated. Just seeing how I've grown as a scrapper motivates me a lot to keep going and improve my LOs.

* Any other hobbies? .

I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and I'm into painting, computer graphics, and photography.

* When do you scrap?

I do not have a particular schedule for scrapping because I do not want to feel obligated. I scrap every time I feel like it.

* Have you been published?
No, not yet. Very soon.

* What do you find as the most challenging aspect of Scrapbooking?
Personally, I find the arrangement and planning part the most difficult stage in scrapbooking. Being an artist and being able to study it made me a control freak. I constantly check for errors and measure placements based on what I have learned which is a negative thing for me because sometimes it takes me days just to complete one LO.

* Do you have any advice for beginning scrappers?
Being a beginner myself, my advice is for you is mainly to know the reason why you are scrapping. Know your objectives and everything will follow.

* What is your favourite magazine and why?
Im not into magazines, I dont own any

* Do you like to use sketches?

From time to time.

* Do you set scrapping goals?

No. I dont want any pressure.

* Are you an organized scrapper?

I am a messy scrapper! When I scrap, I want everything to be around me. The messier the better!!! Makes me feel free. But after finishing a LO or a project, I see to it that I clean everything up and organise my supplies again. For me, the organizing part is a treatment. A time to relax and feel contented.

* What’s your favourite part about Scrapbooking?
My favourite part of Scrapbooking is the final stage, being able to see what I was able to accomplish. From nothing to something.

I scrap because I want to preserve memories. So I enjoy the moment when Im done and I feel more contented and complete everytime I finish a LO. I feel that part of my life, a part of me and my passion was preserved in that page and I can share it to my love ones


CreativeMe68 said...

Thank you for the inside look to Lady Grace...She is a beautiful and wonderful friend and a very talented scrapbooker!! Love your style!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Exactly as I know you!Im proud of you!

salme said...

Nice to meet you, LG! :-) Your creations are awesome!