May 5, 2009

A Technique Class: Painting

Good day!

I would like to share to you my first ever technique class called "Paint Your Flower." This class was held last NSD weekend over at Mon Ame Memories. I am not sure if there is an existing class for this one but I came up with it yesterday while thinking of a unique class about using your paint.

Materials Needed:
1. White Paper Flowers or dull colored paper flowers
2. Watercolor Paint
3. Paintbrush
4. Crop-a-dile or any 1/8 puncher
5. Inkpad
6. Ink applicator or a sponge
7. additional embellishmets like brads, buttons. gems, etc.

Step 1:
Pick some white paper flowers from your stash preferably the ones you think you might not use very soon.


Step 2:
Choose a color combination from your watercolor paint. Choose the colors that will work best with your LO. For my example, I chose yellow, orange and red.

Step 3:
Apply your first colour to your paintbrush and gently dab it randomly to your flower.


Step 4:
Apply your second colour to your paintbrush and gently dab it randomly to your flower.


Step 5:
Do the same to your third colour finally covering the entire flower with paint.


You can have 2 different effects by using your watercolor paints.

If you wish to have precise pattern and solid colours and shapes into your flower, use less water.


If you want your colours to blend with one another, use more water. Do not be afraid to experiment on this one.


Step 6:
Colour your remaining flowers and set them aside for a couple of minutes to dry up.

Note: Be careful when handling your wet flowers because they might tear.

Step 7:
Once it is completely dry, grab a flower and start punching holes on the edge of its petal. Use a crop-a-dile or any puncher set to 1/8 size. Do the same to all the flowers


Step 8:
Choose an inkpad that you can use to distress the edges of your flower. I chose Ranger Distress Inkpad - Tea Dye by Tim Holtz.
With your ink applicator/sponge, gently apply a small amount of ink to the edges of the flower.
This will add dimension and a distressed look to your flowers.


Completed Flowers:

Step 9:
Now feel free to embellish it as you want. You can add brads, buttons, stickes, etc.


Hope you like it! Thanks for viewing!


jacque4u2c said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Vicki said...

ooh i will defintely have a go at this, really fab technique LG xxx

Euphoria said...

wow! what a great tutorial!! LOVE how your flowers came out!

thanks for sharing!

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh I have never thought of doing anything to the flowers except maybe a bit of ink!!! Thanks for sharing LG! You are such a gem!! luv Shaz xoxo

Rowee said...

Wow!!! LG, from dull flowers to gorgeous!!! Nice!!! Love it!!! Thanks for the tutorial. More to come. How about photoshop tutorial next time. hehehe!!


Canica said...

I love this technique! I definitely have to try this out! :)

Shazza said...

Your flowers look awesome, I will give this technique a go shortly :)
Your a clever gal LG!


Anonymous said...

what a great way of altering flowers. i can never seem to have the right flowers for my projects cos the colors always seem wrong for it.

thanks for sharing!!

Kristine said...

everything you do looks amazing!!! thanks for the tutorial and great idea!!

Bel said...

This is a great technique. Thanks a lot for the idea.

Sharon said...

Beautiful work LG. Really great idea.

Kat/Car said...

Wow....I am going to have to try this..this is an awesome idea
thanks for commenting on my LO's at Creative Scrappers!