August 11, 2009

Scrappin' Moms Idol 3: Round 6

I can't believe it, finally it's the last elimination round for Scrappin'Moms Idol 3. After this will be the live on-the-spot challenge for the remaining 10 finalists. I am so happy that I decided to participate on this event. i have definitely learned a
lot from it and most of all, I gained a lot of local scrapping friends.

So here is the last challenge before the finals:

This week, it is time to look at your inner self, recreate
the fantasy and ask the question…

If I were a Disney Princess…

#1 This week is a TECHNIQUE CHALLENGE.
- Use at least three (3) techniques on your layouts
- Choose any technique that you have always wante
d to try but haven't on a layout.
- Or if you have a technique you've always used, give it a
spin and mix it with other techniques in your layout.
- The minimum requirement is at least 3 techniques. You can add more if you want.
- The use of Hybrid Scrapbooking will be allowed.

#2 There must be at least one (1) solo picture of yourself in your layouts.
#3 Include a write-up on how you used/applied the chosen techniques in your layouts.

Criteria for Judging:
Originality & Creativity - 30%; Overall Design & Craftsmanship - 35%; Choice of Photo - 15%; Journaling - 20%

  • You may submit any size format but no lesser than 8.5 x 11
  • Photos for this challenge must not have been used in any previous layouts (both Local or International)
Here is my take:
For this particular challenge, my inspiration was from Belle of the animated Disney film "The Beauty and the Beast." Even though my favorite Disney film is "Little Mermaid," I can relate more with Belle in regards to her personality and outlook towards life. I was inspired to use the colors yellow and pink from the movie and was also inspired about the different characters from the film which represents different type of people. I was also inspired by the first song from the movie titled "Belle."

Photo Used: I have used a single photo of me taken a few years ago during a company Christmas Party with a theme of "The Ball."

Techniques Applied:
1. Sketching - I chose to use this technique because it has been ages since I last used my sketching skill acquired when I was still in school. I initially sketched Beast in an illustration board big enough to show that he is holding my framed picture
2. Painting - I used to love painting when I was still studying (more than 7years ago). Being a Fine Arts graduate, painting was one of my hobbies and I have joined and have won several nationwide contests (more on abstract). So with this challenge, I tried to incorporate my painting skill by painting the image that I sketched. I have used posterpaint and watercolor. I have illustrated and painted Beast from scratch

3. Doodling - this is a technique that I rarely used since I do not like to use pen so much. On this layout, I doodled the image that I painted to add more details to it and doodled on the alphas as well
4. Kinda Pop-Up Technique - I love to add dimension to my pages so I usually use a lot of foam tapes but on this layout, I added a "pop-up" effect on my cutout veranda by adhering the edges closer to each other that made the veranda look uplifted

5. Distressing - I distressed the sides of the yellow circle to add a spotlight effect on my layout.
6. Hybrid - I scanned some photos of some major characters from the movie "The Beauty and the Beast" and printed them out

Journaling: Like Belle, I am unique, strange & do not easily fit in but like Belle, I have a heart of gold. I do not easily judge anybody but befriend everybody. (Note: Journaling is written around the outer side of the yellow circle. I have used a blank ink to make it a silhouette journaling to add mystery to my layout)

Materials Used: Collage Press Diecut pp, PinkPaislee Vintage Moon pp, Prima Eire Collection pp, Felt frame, Illustration Board, posterpaint, watercolor, Webster storyteller Alpha, BasicGrey Brads, Flowers from local furniture store, Ranger Distressing Inkpads (tea dye and walnut stain)

Thank you very much for all your continued support and encouragements. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


Vicki said...

good luck hun for the last round!! i'm sure you'll do great. xx

ANAT S said...

great lo
great techniques

what a beautiful painting

Tara Orr said...

oh my goodness!!! This is stunning LG!! You are such a talented lady - and painting and sketching as well!! (i also use to sketch WAY back when - more pencil sketching though) Best of luck to you darling - will be shocked if you don't make it to the next round!

Shazza said...

Best of luck LG, I hope you win, your layout is outstanding :)

Heather the Mooselover said...

Good luck to you.
I really like your LO. Your explanations and such were interesting because sometimes you can't see everything from the photo.
I love the rich, vibrant look of the page.

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Love this one!You rock the painting.Wishing you all the best for the final round!Go go go!!!!

Rowee said...

You're amazing Lg!!! I like every details of you rLO dear!!! Sana Ikaw ang wagi sa idol! See on Aug 29 sa scrapfest ha. Good luck!!!

Ate rowee

Jessica said...

this totally rocks LG!!!

Sasha said...

WOOOW this is beautiful .. LOVE IT

Red Edge said...

Congratulations Hon!

I think I better start emptying the van. From the looks of things, you would bring the whole house (including the bed) if you can!!

Just think of the scrapping table as a bed and I think you would be ok!


I'm proud of you.

Kathie said...

Its a very beautiful LO Lady Grace!! But I think that its the photo of the very beautiful lady that is the most beautiful part of the LO!!!
Did you get some parcels from me yet??? You should have at least gotten 1 by now...
Love Kathie

Marisa said...

The best of luck LG, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you win! Love this layout, always enjoy seeing what you create...

lyn said...

OMG sweetie, geez wowen you always amaze me!!! Just love it!! Its so cute, love your painting from scratch, just love everything about it! well done.
Thankyou for you sweet comment the other day too, definately not long to go now :D but I am keeping well and very excited about the birth, wish it would hurry up already LOL.
Take care hunnie xo

Tina said...

Good luck girl!! Great job with the Beast!!

bjay said...

love this, LG! my most fave in the whole of the competition! goodluckie! :)

see you in a couple of weeks!

Ceci said...

Wow LG I am in awe...totally amazing LO, and you are so pretty in that photo too. :)))

Tanya said...

Best of luck LG! All your work is so beautiful and inspiring and you are such a beautiful girl too (inside and out). Happy birthday too, for the 3rd August! Mine is the 7th August (but I turned 34)! We are both Leos YAY!! :D

Lainie said...

I am in awe, this is just FABULOUS and so original! All the very best.

iza said...

great design, great sketching.gorgeous dear.gud luck n have fun...

Calia Yang said...

awesome stuff LG!!! You definitely would be belle! ^_^

princess said...

i agree, you're a belle. especially with that photo.