December 1, 2009

Baby Tantrums

I have never had any baby tantrums issue with my DD when she was younger that's because her daily routine was just sleep, eat and cry (not the annoying crying type) most of the day. But as she stepped the 1yr old mark some bad habits developed. She constantly cries when she wants something, her body gets stiffed when she's angry, she squeals like crazy and she hits me or herself sometimes.

It was driving me crazy.

I kept thinking when is the right time to start disciplining. How do I discipline a baby who doesn't speak and might not understand the words that I am saying.

Thank goodness I read somewhere that a reality show titled SUPERNANNY was highly recommended by Oprah so I checked it out. After watching one episode, I immediately learned that starting disciple as early as possible, even for newborns, is the best time to start. Jo Frost, the Supernanny, mentioned that we should not underestimate babies/children and we should start early because once they have developed some bad habit, it will be harder to correct.

So after watching several episodes, I have learned a lot of techniques that I can apply to my 1yr and 8mos DD. I love the TIMEOUT technique, the Bedtime Routine technique and the Eating technique. Everything worked after a few tries.

I was totally surprised how Hannah coped to all this disciplinary thing that we are doing. She totally understands what's going on. She listens to me. She is more sweet than ever.

She is quite bright than the other kids that I saw from the show. They hesitated to follow, they push their parents buttons to the max thus causing them more timeout minutes. Unlike Hannah who obeys, saying sorry immediately, who now knows how to say please when she needs something. And this coming from a 1yr old baby, not even a toddler. I am so proud of her.

So inspired by the Supernanny show, I made a layout using a photo of my baby crying like crazy a few months back when Supernanny was not yet in the picture. My journaling was about her different baby tantrums.



For this layout I have used GCD's new collection Arty Urban plus some flowers from my stash. I was also inspired by Pam's template.

Go check out Supernanny! I highly recommend it to all mothers out there because you can learn a thing or two about the proper way of disciplining your little ones.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome, and I am so glad that you are learning to teach your beautiful girl the right way to get through life, she will grow up with so much respect towards you...WELL DONE

Michelle said...

Ah... the joys of children. I really do like the Supernanny too. I have watched it a few times as well, and found it helpful. I love all the color of your LO mixed with the b/w photos of Hannah!!

Also had to say, I saw one of your LO's in the Dec. page maps!! So cool!! You have just amazing LO's and are so inspiring!!

Tara Orr said...

Love this one! The colours are wonderful and love the oversized photo! Yup, tantrums are no stranger to me either - except I have to deal with them times 3!

Jana Eubank said...

That's wonderful that your kids have responded so well! :D And you are right, you have to start when they are young. -- Now I have to say that this is the most BEAUTIFUL page! And what a sweet picture! Even though she is crying, it is an emotional shot and I love that! I love how you printed it in the mocha tones, as well. The colors of the page POP and frame it perfectly!!! :)

teacher jessy said...

Totally love how Jo Frost handled tantrum kids!! I seriously love what you did on your layout, that is one gorgeous layout u made of Hannah's tantrum :) The clustering just awesome!

Rach H said...

Supernanny is awesome! I love to watch Nanny Jo even though I'm not yet a mother! She gives great tips and techniques!

I love your layout about her tantrums. Beautiful contrast between the B&W and bright colors!

Wati Basri said...

love that layout to bits... :)