June 19, 2010

Shimmerz Product Spotlight

The Shimmerz Product Spotlight. We think we have some pretty amazing products. A biased opinion perhaps, but we want to help keep our customers informed! It can be difficult to fully see the amazing color and shimmer that our products have via online and sometimes the product image can be deceiving. So here is a color that is often overlooked but totally deserves the spotlight: Shimmerz Vibez Vertigre! Rich, lustrous and coppery, this color will put the ooh-la-la into your next project! Chock full of the intensity that our Vibez products are known for, this color can stand on its own or blend seamlessly with any of our 15 other Vibez colors. Our other metallic based colors Rolling in the Hay and Penny Pincher are perfect partners as well!

Haven't tried our products yet? Please visit our website here for a list of online retailers or to visit our online retail store.

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