January 18, 2011

Cosmo Cricket New Releases and Contest!!!!

WOW!!  LOVE the new lines from Cosmo Cricket!! 

I am loving everything that I am seeing there. The colors and the design are all so beautiful. Those DT girls will be so lucky to get the new releases.

3 ways to win (from the CC blog):

Well, the first is to be a really lucky commenter because we will pick one random winner to receive the line of their choice (by the way all the product will be in mid-February, so this shipment won't go out until then).

The next way to win is to be a really lucky Facebook Fan because we will pick one random fan to win the line of their choice!

And, the final way to win is to be nominated by your friends and family as one awesome person who would make a great addition to our design team. The top 10 people nominated will be featured here on our blog for you to vote on again. The winner of that vote will become the newest addition to our team for at least 6 months and they will also receive tons of Cosmo Cricket goodies including the new lines. It would be a dream to be part of this team. So may I request all of you to vote for me and state "I am nominating LG Belarmino" at the comments area. Thank you so much for your help and support in advance.

Click here to leave your comment. you might also win some CC goodies.


Nadia Cannizzo said...

LOL..I dont believe this! I just posted about this..Well if you make Top 10 you def have my vote Miss LG!! Hope you are having an awesome day, Nadia.

hilde janbroers said...

I love the new releases!! they have such amazing colors!

Jolaine said...

I think you will be perfect on this DT so I'm definitely nominating you!

Taj White said...

I voted for you hun, hope you make it. I love Cosmo one of my favorite scrappy companies. Would love to be on there with you :)

Catherine said...

Gave you my vote on their finalists poll. Best of luck to you!

Karen Shady said...

I nominated you !!!!! You so deserve to win !!!! GOODLUCK sweet xx