October 4, 2011

You should see this!!!!

Lets make something gorgeous with the new Lost & Found lines from My Mind's Eye! With snappy black and yellow, tempered with a touch of bluest sky, your memories will dazzle showcased with this beautiful kit! This kit blooms with flowers, sparkly pins, journaling inspired stamps, super cute ruffle trim and much, much more! Perfect for black and white photos, art journals, cards and more!

Grab your kit today before they sell out! A deal this pretty flies off the shelves in a hurry! You can check it out here: Kit Club!

That,s not all!

How about Card Kits, more specifically?

Like this one: http://stores.myscrapbooknook.com/-s...!!!/Detail.bok

Have WE got a TREAT for YOU!

Danni and Leah have cooked up a very special, VERY limited card kit and class!

Well- MME, of course. Lost & Found 2 papers from the Breeze and Rosy lines- they are TOO pretty! And they are the best of boys and girls. Each kit has TWO 6x6 paper pads with 2 of each design from the lines, plus bonus designs not featured in 12x12!

From Leah!!!

"Everyone gets ALL this?".... "Oh yes. YES YES YES!!!!"

So- are you interested? Do you think you might want a gorgeous card kit and gorgeous card lessons from the talented Danni Reid and myself (I'm not to shabby either, but not quite as good as Danni lol)? This kit and class is valued at well over $60. No joke.

You see this class and class kit are yours for an insanely low price. Really insane. $34.95!!!

And it will be up for ordering TODAY!!! Really soon! NOW! It's up NOW!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!
See your friendly, neighborhood add on section for a card class kit: http://stores.myscrapbooknook.com/-s...!!!/Detail.bok

The class will go live on Oct 15th and be available to work at your own pace for one month :-) 

Read all the details HERE!!!


Bellaidea said...

I have lots of it at home but not everything, so pretty!

Marinette said...

Can't wait to get it and can't wait to see what you will create;)