April 29, 2014


Happy Tuesday everyone! LG here sharing with you the first layout that I made using this month's Worth Wondering kit and add on.

I am sure some of you are wondering why I only have one layout to share despite the beauty and all the yumminess that came with the kit. Well, here in the Philippines we observe the Lenten Season very seriously and last week was Holy Week, almost all establishments and even TV stations and radio stations are closed. Unfortunately, my kit did not arrive before Holy Week and was only able to get my kit yesterday. So here we are with only one page.

Anyway, all the wait was worth it! Just opening the box is like opening a gift. I got so excited and made this layout of my mom. She is in a cruise right now and I miss her terribly.

 Isn't my mom gorgeous? She is already 60 years old but she looks so young and beautiful. She inspire me so much. She is one tough woman and definitely a great mother and a good friend to me and my siblings.

 With the design of this page, I did a lot of fuzzy cutting of some illustrations from the patterned papers. It was very easy to make and made me miss my love for cutting patterns. I used to buy patterned papers with images I can cut. The more intricate the images are the better. This technique is very relaxing to me.
Till next time everyone!

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