January 14, 2009

Hannah's Sick

For the past few days, I wasn't able to scrap that is because my baby, Hannah, has high fever. We need to bring her to the hospital to ask for medication. She's quite okay now but under observation because her fever is on and off.

Right now, my priority is to take good care of her and make sure that she eats regularly.

I will probably make up with my scrappin by this weekend. Oh my, lot of scrappin to do by then considering I missed several days of my Photo Journal Mini Album.

Hope she's okay by then! If her fever did not mellow down by Friday, her doctor said that we need to admit her to the hospital immediately.

1 comment:

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

oh sis!sorry about Hannah.Hope she would get well soon.Its very sad when kids get sick..they are so vague.