December 16, 2009

Vacation Day 3!

I was able to sleep for 8hrs today and it feels great! I missed these days when I just need to lie down and relax because ever since I had Hannah, my sleep was reduced to 3-5hrs a day even on weekends. Having this time off is really worth it.

Aside from sleeping, I enjoyed watching the season 1 of Fringe. I am a TV series addict and have watched all seasons of:

1. Greys Anatomy
2. Desperate Housewives
3. House
4. Lost
5. Amazing Race
6. American Idol
7. America's, Britain's, Australia's and Canada's Next Top Model
8. Project Runway Philippines, America, Australia and Candada
9. How I Met Your Mother
10. Secret Life of the Maerican Teenager
11. Supernatural
12. all Survivor episodes
13. Private Practice
14. L Word
15. Prisonbreak
16. Mentalist

This are the only ones I can remember so far but I think I have forgotten a few more. Now that most of this series are on break and will resume on January, I am looking for a few more shows to watch. And Fringe is on my list, Im catching up with Season 2 Episode 10. Doing a marathon earlier.

What are your favorite TV series that would recommend? Still looking for more.


I was able to scrap too and finished one layout but since I finished it around 7pm i cannot take a decent picture of it yet. Will share it with you tomorrow morning.

See you later, need to continue my Fringe marathon. Chow!


Julie said...

I watch many of the series on your list, but I do love Top Chef. It's another Bravo series. And Amazing Race is my favorite :)

Monique said...

How is it possible to watch so many television series, raise a child, go to work AND scrapbook 150 pages a year in only 24 hours a day????? do you never sleep??