April 28, 2013

I'm still here...

Hi everyone! Sorry i wasn't able to update my blog lately. This month has been really busy with Hannah transferring to a new school, looking for a new house, Hannah's 5th birthday, and having a new position at work.

It was a crazy month and I think it will not end very soon. With the Summer heat here in the Philippines, I have sacrificed my scrapbooking a lot to preserve my energy doing other stuff.

Anyway, I am happy to inform you that my little angel, the baby that everyone have seen on my pages as she grows up, is now a little missy. She turned 5 last April 19 and is now more talkative than ever.

Here was a layout that I made using some photos of her from last year. I have used Scraptastic's Everything I am Kit and add-ons and some leftover from Everyday Is Like Sunday Kit. Just look at those firm muscles at her age. She is quite sporty, dont you think?

Nowadays, creating a scrapbook page doesn't only involve papers, stickers, ribbons and other traditional materials. Now, we see a lot of mixed media added to a layout to give a more personal touch- gesso, modeling paste, acrylic paint, watercolor, crayons to name a few. These gives the scrapbooker the freedom to be more creative and to have extra fun.

 Here I have used watercolor. To get a more subtle effect, use more water to make the color lighter. To blend several colors, I added a second color while the first one is still wet. Try to experiment first to get your desired effect. For example, if you waited for the 1st color to dry first before adding the 2nd color, you will get a translucent effect, no blending will occur.

The paper does warp especially if you have used a lot of water. What I usually do is, after I made a layout, I adhere it over another cardstock. I cut 1/2" on the top and on the left so that once I adhere my layout, it will not peak through. I usually use cardstocks that I think I will not use anymore, mostly the colored ones. If it still wraps, just leave your page on the table and add heavy objects on top of it for a day. Items like a stapler, jars, or blocks will do. Putting thins on top of it will help your page straighten out and will solve your problems with paint.

Thanks for dropping by! I 


Genevive said...

hi LG :) just wanna say HI :) you have lost so much weight! and ur little girl is now a little lady na :)

Monique Liedtke said...

Awesome layout LG!! Love the design and the misting! and a belated congrats for your little girl!! 5 already!