January 23, 2010


Monoprinting is a serendipitous affair, be prepared to let the paint do what it wants to create some amazing effects! And to lean how to do this, I would like to invite you all to check out a video tutorial by Lucy Edson over at Shimmerz Vblog.

This is a technique that you must watch because it is so innovative, so unique and verypersonalized. I cant wait to try it myself.


Monique said...

Thanks LG for the link! My Shimmers order is on the way and now I know what to do with it!!
Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Thats such a cool technique!!
I use to create something simular to this in grade school except we would use paint and rub two papers together and take a part and color on the two papers when the paint was dry!
This brings back some memories even though its a little different than what Lucy showed.
I love that she use the acrylic and that is washable!! Such a unique idea!!
So fun!!
Have a blessed day!